dare to sound square!

Yowzers bowzers! Another sudden pop-in, another sudden update!

If you recall my earlier post, the curtain had regrettably fell for Blip Festival after so many great years and performers. Although Blipfest first took place in Manhattan NYC, its origins had come from Japan -- coming from a plea from various awesome Japanese chiptune artists wanting to do a live tour overseas. Despite blipfest's final bow coming full-circle in Japan, the Tokyo organizers felt that the groove just could not end.

So, they decided to spiritually change the guard.

In a nutshell, the first Tokyo Square Sounds Festival went absolutely fantastic! It was such a great lineup this year -- with so many kickin-rad artists of new & old performing what they perform best! From the familiar funkified frenzy of hally, to A_Rival's heavy drops of THA TRUTH, to deep-down roots of Danimal Cannon, It was a pleasure meeting and performing with such a superb lineup!

As for myself, I'd like to share a little album that had long been in limbo for several years. Its songs have been my main bread & butter for my NES live sets, but I hadn't given it a serious thought of releasing them until now. It's quite a significant release for me, considering I've had so many friends ask me to finally release it once and for all (and yet I was reluctant due to my changing attitudes about its main subject matter). Nevertheless, I'm happy to have released this with so much help (and persuasion) from my super cool buddies!

And now, I hope you'll enjoy the idol composer's groove!