hooooley moley where'd ya'll come from good strangers!

Whoamygosh! After a long haitus from this blog, I am back! I'm extremely sorry that I haven't been keeping up with this place like I promised. My day job has been keeping me quite busy, lately. But now that I have time to update this place, I'm able to give a quick rundown of the events that happened since! *presses fingers against temples while letting out a big OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM*:

  • Did an early 90s-era pop remix of Garou Densetsu / Fatal Fury's bonus stage song, which became the main menu music for SNK Playmore's NEOGEO STATION emulation service (yes, this means Phil's POP!!! in yummy, slightly ROM-hogging YM2610 ADPCM+FM glory!)
  • Did diegetic sound work for Momomi Aoyama's 3D short movie CHRONO CRAVIS, (even in the future, kids will still play 8-bit NES clone portables!)
  • Contributed music for... ummm... quite possibly the most... interesting game I've ever been asked to participate in within my whole entire professional career: Harthnir's Asa Kara Zusshiri Milkpot SPECIAL. The link is featured on this blog's sidebar; trust me... this game is preeeeeeetty intense.
  • Made a whole collection of songs for SEGA Vintage Collection / SEGA AGES ONLINE emulation service (if you ever wanted to hear a Scott Storch-esque head-noddin' rendition of the Monsterland theme in YM2612 + SN76489 glory, this is your chance!)
  • Contributed an electro house song for the chiptune compilation CD included in Julie Watai's HARDWARE GIRLS MAGAZINE (I also submitted the song to Famicompo Mini vol.8!)
  • Did a remix of Manabu Namiki's tunes in G.rev's 3DS multi-player shooter KOKUGA, which is included in the OST CD (oh, also I created the sound effects for the game itself!)
  • Teamed up with my totally awesome robo-maid friend RyoRca, and performed in Tokyo Blip Festival 2012! (which, regrettably, is the last Blipfest... :'( ) I was 2nd-last to preform during the 2nd day (right before Hip Tanaka, in fact), so the pressure was definitely upon me to make the most memorable set I could devise. To all who experienced my set, I thank you for making it absolutely fun to do!
Now, I feel a bit awful that I haven't really shown off anything in my own page yet (it really is due to complicated reasons; Freelancers, make sure you can get rights to your stuff!!!). But after multiple times of not fulfilling my promises for my blog, it's time for me to finally return you guys the favor!

Here's two of the songs I've featured in my Blipfest set! Originally I wasn't planning to release them, but after much convincing from TONS of friends and listeners (and even one possible threat from someone!), I decided to release these after all. Even if dubbywub stuff isn't your cup of milk tea, I hope you guys can enjoy the more technical aspects of my 8-bit sound design chops with these tracks!



  1. I don't even really like silly-wub-wub music, but my jaw dropped at how incredible those tracks were! Is there any chance of you releasing the .ftm file(s)? I think I speak for a bunch of people when I say I'd love to see how you made that!

    Granted, I would also understand if you'd rather not, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your kind comments! Yeah, I was afraid that people who don't like dubstep would quickly dismiss the song without caring about the technical tricks involved under-the-hood. But I'm glad that you can appreciate that aspect :)

    You know... this is kind of a tough decision, actually. I'm usually very reluctant to share my source files. In fact, the only person who's seen the FTM in real action so far is my very good fellow bay area friend living in Japan. (I had a friendly argument with him, debating if real synthesized dubstep in a NES was even possible -- and thus it spawned this song.)

    That being said, I guess I'm still on the fence about it. You're definitely not the only one who asked. :)

    Anyway, A few of my friends tell me not to spread it. My other friends tell me to just reveal the NSF -- that is, if only I'm able to get 1st place listing in Bandcamp's "Top sellers of late" list. Personally, I'm not really keen to the idea of "hanging carrots" just to inflate a stat. But I also do feel like I owe my fans my gratitude for supporting me -- especially the ones who enjoy the more technical aspects of what I do.

    It's a really tough decision for me. I really do have to think this over... ><;;

  3. The question of Famitracker's capability for deeper sounds must be a relatively popular topic, since a friend of mine and I were debating the same question over last weekend. Suddenly, your set happened.

    When it comes to the ftm, to be honest, I know that I'd be very apprehensive to share it. So hey, if it's out there, great! If not, I'd be surprised if anyone could blame you.

    That being said, the blip set was great and thank you for making such awesome music!

  4. This release is sooooo awesome!!! Greetings from germany.

    1. Thank you very much~~~~~! I'm glad you like it! Greets from Kanto!!! :D

  5. hey!

    実は、日本へ行きたい事の一つ理由は、日本のchiptune artistを見たいから。

    during the blipfest set, it kinda sounded like you had that james brown "nerd! ha!" sample that was common in early 90s hip-hop. was that intentional? ex:


    also thought i might have heard some time-stretched sample artifacts, but on a NES...? ex:


    maybe im reading too deep into this stuff?


    1. daveさんこんにちは!

      Haha it's a great observation nevertheless! I think I know which part you're talking about, too. Unfortunately it doesn't come from james brown (though it does indeed sound like it, haha)... but instead it's a bit more of a perverse sound, lol :P

      As for the time-stretched parts, yep you definitely nailed it. It's actually more music data trickery, no post-production effects modules involved :)

  6. Just listened to your blip festival recording--it's freaking incredible! Picked up a copy of kyunstep.

    Are you planning on releasing the rest of your set?

  7. I would just like to know how you make music on an NES. This is so good~