2010 in a blaze lotta' damn thang changed!

Happy new year, everyone! Whee! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. 2010 was such a roller-coaster ride! Sorry I have not provided a follow-up to my first musing for a long while, but hopefully a summary will make do for now! So here's a handful of some of the things that has happened last year in the freelance side of my career, hopefully in some chronological order!:
  • Finally got my bearings together and started a process to solve a certain lifelong issue that has always been an emotionally-painful thorn for me. I wouldn't say it was detrimental to my creativity and strive for professionalism, but it was something that ate away on my personal well-being. My family and good friends of mine know about this very well, but for the time being I'll just merely mention that my personal quality of life has now dramatically improved more than ever -- and that hopefully the final step of my journey thru this will be taken by next year.
  • Met one of my most awesomest favorite moesong singers Mayumi Shindou, and after a turn of events, got a really embarassingly chaotic yet overly fun IM conversation with her inserted into the liner notes of her "Mayumintronica AKiBA SONG BEST" CD. International exchange at its finest, oh gawd oh man.
  • For the CD's release party, met up with my longtime denpasong superheroes MI-KO and Kayamori of MOSAIC.WAV on the top floor of Sofmap Akihabara, and pulled off some trippy moments with them. Including pulling off a tracker song in only 30 minutes and later keyjazzing with it on my laptop as Kayamori rocked the keytar. Seriously: Live tracker keyjazzing. With Kayamori. Take that, uncle Salud! Trying hard to keep composure, I was shaking in my maid dress over the surrealness of what was going on the whole time.
  • Collaborated with denpasong forefather Ruzarin Kashiwagi, and with Mayumi Shindou on vocals, pulled off a rocking live performance at Atelier Peach's Utamatsuri 2010. This was a monumental moment for me -- considering that Ruzarin's music was mainly responsible for kickstarting my career almost a decade ago. Cue "we finally meet" shaking hands sequence X-Men vs. Street Fighter intro-style... then, with instrumental weapons in our hands, turning to our sides and jamming a newly-made Miko Miko Nurse arrangement to a sold-out crowd. How I came from peddling PR and being a lowly studio drone butting heads constantly with temperamental hyphy artists as a career a few years ago... to now collaborating with denpasong masters will always baffle my mind.
  • Performed arguably one of my best live sets I've ever done for Blip Festival Tokyo's afterparty. Dropping the oniichan bomb with more overtly lewd force than ever, at the last minute I managed to get Tokyo's raggamuffin overlord Luke of Chaos Royale to lay his MAD FLOW-MASTAH SKILLZ upon the crowd during a bass-heavy D&B showdown.
  • Had yet another kidney stone occurrence -- with a second one yet to come out! Gee painful chronic maladies are totally awesome folks!
  • Almost screwed up royally one day by accidentally leaving my rollerbag full of my equipment on the racks of one of the JR East Joban rapid line trains. Out of all the expensive computers and audio devices, my NES that my parents bought for me during childhood is the most sentimental item inside that would have devastated me had I lost it. After a couple of extremely stressful days that followed, the bag was eventually collected in safe hands at Narita Station. If this isn't a sign that Japan is one of the safest places ever, I don't know what one is.
  • After 11+ years of using an unfashionable pair, finally got new glasses yayayay! VIVAYOU pink chidori style, if you're curious.
  • Met and talked with ex. Nintendo's Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka for the first time during Cheapbeats 2. The entire meetup and chattime with one of the forefathers on the golden era of VGM was just pure sensory overload for me.
  • Collaborated with galge house/trance-master Blasterhead, and made a chiptune latin freestyle electro dance remake of Blasterhead & Halko Momoi's "MOECOM LYNX" for Comic Market 79 -- thus marking my second Comiket release. Seriously, I never imagined I would be able to pull off a momo-i remix via merging one of my favorite childhood old-skool styles. I can only imagine what electro pioneer Glenn Gutierrez thinks about NorCal-style freestyle dance done in only PSG waveforms.

Anyway, hopefully 2011 will become an even greater time careerwise -- and much more importantly, for YOUR ears! In the meantime, I'll be meeting my American friends at the east coast in a few weeks -- including personally meeting for the first time a majority of the insanely-talented musicians that reside in espernet's #mod_shrine. With such exciting opportunities to look forward to this year, I'll cya'll kitties at Magfest, aaiight!?


  1. Hi chibi-tech! Sounds like 2010 was a blast for you as well as for me! I was hoping to meet you in Japan with hally and Saitone, but hally told me you were busy that evening for drinking (October). Anyways, hope 2011 is just as fantastic for you as 2010 was.


    P.S. Love your Psyvariar the Mix remix so much!

  2. Nice to see you've had an interesting year and at least a couple of things go right. Shame we couldn't hang out more last year, but hope we can do it again this year. Good luck to you.

  3. wow, congrats about MOSAIC.WAV. that's amazing. i bet this year will be a great one for you, you'll be rocking out in a maid outfit with the scene giants by midsummer

  4. One exception to the whole "japan is safe" thing that I neglected to mention is the whole random perverted act that occasionally happens in the train. This was a problem I faced at one point, and it's quite degrading (the doucheface exited quickly and got away :(((((( ).

    People may not be willing to swipe wallets & bags left on seats & racks, but guys are indeed willing to take advantage of a completely packed train with little room for defense.

    But other than that (and the general gender inequality both blatantly and tacitly brought forth in daily life), I do feel much safer here than... saaay.... having to deal with random crazies whenever bart crosses oakland. Or even if I drive thru oakland. Yeeeeah.

  5. Don: Thank you for your kind words! Yeah, I treated it as an opportunity to put FM power chord hijinx in full force (which TFIV did really well, and obviously was my source of pastiche, haha).

    Yeah I don't particularly remember which time that was during october (was this at TGS? I know I wasn't meeting with hally or saitone that time, though...), but I definitely was busy with various things that month. Sorry I did not catch you in time either, hopefully we can catch each other again next time you're in Japan / if we happen to run into each other during some outing @ America!

    Paranda: Heya! Thank you again for taking the time to hang out with me during TGS! Sorry I had to bail early for that meeting, I definitely wanted to hang out more that time orz

    We'll definitely hang out more this year, if at least mandi has anything to do with it haha! Hopefully the next time will be during an idol performance like before :D

    Avery: There's a certain project that I've been working on at my spare time (non-chip even, as a hint), hopefully the collaboration involved will turn out something undeniably cute & exciting for you! It's all part of my current plan to keep this momentum going...

    In any case, thank you for hanging out at comiket and @ akiba! Sorry I missed you the other days after, but considering we're both residing here, hopefully meeting each other should be at least regular & trivial!

  6. Hey! Sorry for the late reply! This tab has been open for the past week orz.

    I've always been kind of a fangirl for you, so I was really surprised about the first thing. I'm really glad you got it sorted out, as I personally know what a dramatic difference it can be, and am glad you're doing well.

    Mad envious on your collaborations. I think I'd simply die in the presence of Momoi, or MOSAIC.WAV, or "Hip" Tanaka. Heck I think your entire career is amazing. And hope the new year is as good to you as the last one was. :3

  7. Hiya Erica! Thank you for your kind words and support. It absolutely means a lot to me :') I hope the previous year has been great to you too -- and hoping moreso that this year will be even better!

    Yeah, despite my usually cheery attitude I usually convey on the outside, In reality I was being tortured from constantly despising who I was, what I was expected to grow up as, and definitely what I was born with.
    Although hardly in any way am I a depressive person hanging on the edge of suicide (quite the opposite; I'm such an overtly optimistic person that always looks at the world with a humorous angle), I also knew I otherwise would have lived the rest of my life as a completely miserable cynic had I not done what I'm currently doing.

    I'm especially grateful that family / friends / job has been fully accepting of my decision, and it's something that I just can't take for granted. I understand that this is absolutely rare to have so much support early-on (especially in a usually socially-conservative place such as Japan where people being out-of-the-norm are looked down upon -- nevermind that I'm also a foreigner!), so I somewhat feel like a spoiled child that doesn't deserve all this outpour of positivity. Thus I totally sympathize with people who are going thru the same struggles as I am -- yet are physically/socially/monetarily less fortunate.

    Oops, sorry! This is getting quite lengthy, I know. tl;dr: Thank you for all your kindness~~~~

  8. Hey Chibi-tech,

    Sorry for the long delay...Glad you seem to be OK after the entire earthquake situation a couple months ago.

    It was after TGS. I was on vacation for 3 weeks in Tokyo (a blast, of course!) Probably mid-October...on a Saturday night...October 15 or 16? Ended up having a great time with Saitone and hally in a place in Shinjuku... Tried basashi for the first time and loved it!

    Next time, I plan on going to Tokyo, I'll let you know way ahead of time! I didn't realize I was meeting Hally that day until Ryu Umemoto san told me.