ohh man! ohh gawd ohh man!

Ohohoho! Well lookie here who finally decided to update!?

Yep, I finally tended to something that was long overdue! But first, an explanation. Ever since around the beginning of last year, my career quickly took a drastic shift. To make things concise: I made the leap overseas, and now I reside & work around the Tokyo area of Japan.

Having to accustom myself to a new environment quite different from back home in California, alongside with meeting & working with the most awesome of friends and acquaintances (some whom I never thought I would personally meet, and some whom we were already familiar with each other's material!), the overwhelming amount of information that processed thru my head in the past year was just surreal.

Unfortunately, being preoccupied this whole time put my website ideas on an indefinite hold, and eventually my entire site became mothballed. Already hobbled with an embarrassingly incomplete design, eventually all my links and info became outdated. And aside from a twitter account that would occasionally blip out my whereabouts, I had all but bastardized my online presence.

My busy schedule is probably not going to subside just yet, but I'm going to try doing something about that site incompleteness!

This place will serve as my new depot for not only my personal music releases, but also the occasional project announcement and any random wild hijinx I eventually run into! We live in wacky times after all, and it doesn't help that I often willingly throw myself into the chaos! And documenting that kind of stuff in my slightly naive point-of-view is something I miss doing beyond 140 characters.

Ohh gawd ohh man, indeed.


  1. It's a new blog! Your progress in making your dreams come true is really inspiring and easily something to be proud of (even though you tend to be humble about it). I'd say the online presence isn't worth worrying too much about―doing awesome things and having no time to document it is way better than having it the other way around!

  2. Yayyyy, blog looks awesome, i agree with ominiq but update the NSF section ^___^